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Transitions Adaptive Lenses
Transitions Lenses:
All photochromic lenses react primarily to UV. They darken when you’re in the sun and fade back to clear when you return indoors.

However, the windshield of your car inherently blocks more than 99% of the UV light making activation less likely while driving.

Dr. Nota always recommends a good pair of polarized driving sunglasses for your safety and comfort while in your car.

A solution to simplify everyday indoor/outdoor activities:
» Clear lenses indoors and at night, darkens automatically with UV stimulation

» Perfect for patients who are subject to varying light conditions

» No need to switch to your sunglasses when hands full and going in and out (sales positions, deliveries, etc.)

» New technology Fades back fast indoors

» Blocks 100% of UVA & UVB rays

» Fits any prescription and most frames

» Suitable for any age, even children
San Clemente Optometry

San Clemente Optometry 
Transition lenses are made for convenience and versatility and were not intended to take the place of a good pair of quality polarized sunglasses. Please ask San Clemente Optometry about the newest polarized transition lens technology as well!
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