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Strabismus, more commonly known as crossed-eyed , is a vision condition in which your eyes are not properly aligned with each other. For a variety of reasons, one or both of your eyes alternately turn in, out, up or down when looking at objects in the distance, up close or both. You may notice a slight wandering of one or both eyes.

Children with crossed eyes may initially have double vision. This occurs because both eyes are not focusing on the same object. In time the ignored eye will become largely unused. This may result in the development of lazy eye (amblyopia).

The common misconception is that children will out grow crossed-eyes, when in fact the condition may worsen without treatment. Crossed-eyes can often be corrected with excellent results if detected at an early age and treated.

Strabismus occurs equally in males and females. It may run in families; however, many people with strabismus have no relatives with the problem.

The exact cause of strabismus is not fully understood. In some cases, strabismus may be due to problems with the muscles controlling eye movement.

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When one eye is out of alignment, two different pictures are sent to the brain. In a young child, the brain learns to ignore the image of the misaligned eye and sees only the image from the straight or better-seeing eye. The child then loses depth perception.


Adults who develop strabismus often have double vision because their brains have already learned to receive images from both eyes and cannot ignore the image from the turned eye. A child generally does not see double.

In some cases, strabismus may result from problems in the brain. Sometimes, a child's brain may not be correctly combining the two images it receives from the eyes. In rare cases, a tumor may affect how the brain processes visual information. Often children experience strabismus as a result of problems that can be easily treated with glasses.
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